The Stinak brand was founded in 2010 and has been dedicated to exclusively men's product line since its foundation. It is characterised by an elegant and pure design combined with a youthful and progressive spirit.

The needs of men are at the forefront of our mind, and a wide range of clothing and accessories reflects their current perception. The primary emphasis is, therefore, placed on the quality and timelessness of all products that are designed and manufactured not to be subject to seasonal trends and to serve the owner for a long time.


Leather | STINAK

Essentially, Stinak uses only the finest materials from the best suppliers who provide their goods to brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Cartier and more. We also deeply insist on precise processing and elaboration and traditional local handmade production.



Vladimír Staněk, the designer and founder of the brand, has introduced many extensive men's collections since its foundation, which have been sold across several continents. His creative work can be characterised by sophisticated treatment of materials, a combination of transparent fabrics, classic men's cuts and youthful playfulness. All his collections have always included a complete range of products, from outerwear, underwear, socks, headgear, bags to various accessories and jewellery.


Scribble | STINAK

His unique collections created under the Stinak brand have been regularly presented at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week. The visionary collection Isolation capturing the emergence of new visual and communication media established the distinctively expressive graphical gesture, which eventually became the symbol of the brand. The Searching for Love collection was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award for its novel combination of traditional men's cuts with lace and coherent work with colour and décor.


If cafe uniform | STINAK

In addition to art clothing collections, the company has also carried out many commissions 'tailor-made' for its clients. For example, uniforms made by Stinak brand are currently being worn by employees of a number of important Czech companies.


Paper bag | STINAK

Currently, Vladimír Staněk, and his Stinak brand, is particularly interested in creating luxury bags and accessories for men. Even though bags and leatherware have always formed an essential part of Staněk's work since the beginning, it is only now, with the emergence of the exclusive COAL collection, that this assortment has gained a separate and fulfilling expression.


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